3DShot special offer for Shopify users

3DShot special offer for Shopify users

3DShot special offer for Shopify users

Try the app now and get:

Personal training

8-30% improved conversions

A 1 year SMB Premium plan for free ($1,200 value)

20-40% increased engagement and fewer returns


Grow your sales

Be the first to try the new app for creating immersive content and grow your online sales.

What is more, we’ll even share your successes across our social channels and help you boost your brand awareness.


What we want
in return

Shoot at least 10 items with 3DShot and embed them into your online store.

Create a video of the process to be featured on our social channels and blog.

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How it works


Download 3DShot and shoot your products in 3D.

How to create 3D Views

Download 3DShot
Log into the web version


Log into the web version of your account using the same login information you used for the app. For each 3D View, type in the SKU number of the product used in the Shopify store.


Go to the “Security” tab in your account.
Generate the security token and copy it.

Security settings
Shopify extension


Install the Cappasity extension. Open it in the Shopify admin and submit the token you’ve just copied. Click “Start synchronization”.


Let your clients know about the new product content and grow your sales.

Product content

How to embed your 3DShot content into Shopify

Explore 3D View ideas

Watch the videos to find out how to shoot different products

Download the app