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Create 3D Views

Explore our guides and learn how to create 3D Views of products, people, and cars.

3D View of any object

  • Make sure that the object is well lit.

  • Turn on the recording and start moving steadily around the object.

  • Edit the 3D View: pick the first frame, zoom in, apply filters.

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3D Views of products for e-сommerce

Create engaging 3D images of products for your online store.

  • Find a table in a well-lit spot.

  • Use a sheet of paper as a backdrop for medium objects, or a printable marker for small ones.

  • Apply the Whitening filter to whiten the background.

3D Views of Apparel

Digitize any clothing in 3D and showcase the results on websites or marketplaces.

  • If possible, shoot apparel on live models for a better fit and a more professional look.

  • Move slowly around the model while holding the device in front of you.

  • Use Сrop to remove unnecessary details, apply Brightness and Contrast to make the colors stand out.

3D Views of cars & vehicles

Shoot high-quality 3D Views of cars for dealerships and online marketplaces.

  • Park the car in a spacious, well-lit area.

  • Run the 3DShot app and walk around the car at a fixed distance of 2-3m.

  • Enhance the 3D View using filters.

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