How to create 3D Views

How to create 3D Views

Create 3D Views

Explore our guides and learn how to create 3D Views of products, people, and cars.

3D View of any object

  • Make sure that the object is well lit.

  • Turn on the recording and start moving steadily around the object.

  • Edit the 3D View: pick the first frame, zoom in, apply filters.

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3D Views of Apparel

Digitize any clothing in 3D and showcase the results on websites or marketplaces.

  • If possible, shoot apparel on live models for a better fit and a more professional look.

  • Move slowly around the model while holding the device in front of you.

  • Use Сrop to remove unnecessary details, apply Brightness and Contrast to make the colors stand out.

3D Views of cars & vehicles

Shoot high-quality 3D Views of cars for dealerships and online marketplaces.

  • Park the car in a spacious, well-lit area.

  • Run the 3DShot app and walk around the car at a fixed distance of 2-3m.

  • Enhance the 3D View using filters.

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